Thursday, January 07, 2010

A friend needs Help

I like to share with you about my sister's health in Fiji. She has been having a bleeding intestine for over a year and had two surgery and nothing change. The doctors has send her back to my Island because they can not do anything more. She is laying in bed or by wheelchair.I call my mother in Fiji yersterday and she said that things doesn't look good and we don't know how long she is will live.She is 38yrs and she lives with her husband and 3 son and a daughter.

I know we always send our newsletter to raise fund for the mission and projects but this will be a challenge for me to ask directly for my own use and not for mission. If you please consider pray and see if you can help financially for my ticket to Fiji. Roundtrip Guinea Bissau to Fiji $4,332 and $500 for my travelling Total Cost: $4,832.

If you felt to help with my ticket, please send it direct to Equip 21, Box 777, Ronan, MT59864 (for tax purpose) please don't send on Western Union. Or you can call me direct @ 245-665-9519 or 245-580-4682. I'm planning to leave from Guinea Bissau on Jan 9.

Above all we are serving a miracle working God and I put my hope and trust in Him to heal my sister.

May God bless you for taking the time to pray for Makereta Buadamu Draunidalo (sister's name)

Emosi Tatukivei
Guinea Bissau, West Africa

Monday, June 29, 2009

Another church in need in Africa

I have a friend who is missionary in Africa, and they are doing a great work over there. Please let you missions committee and every body you know abotu they needs fo this church.


Youth and mother’s helping prepare the blocks

Pastor Lusio (age 22) who is Pasturing these church

Digging the church fountation

Worship leaders with church pulpit leading worship

Here are some of the church members at our outdoor church.
We already have all the blocks ready and the foundation dug too. Please help us build this church and let us invest in the life of this young people. One thing that blows me away that these children don’t know how to read or write but they are taught to memorize scripture and taught how to pray. It is God that makes it possible for this young people to pray and to speak out the word of God.
Again please consider helping us in building this church among the Fulani and Balanta people. It cost is $5,000.

May God bless you,

For the Cross
Emosi Tatukivei
Guine Bissau, West Africa

Ph: 245-665-9519

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Do you have 10 minutes?

I want 10 minutes of your time. Turn off your phone and cell phone. Sit back relax and enjoy the following Songs. We serve and love the Everlasting God who is Above.

Enjoy singing his praises, and being loved by him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Church Planter in Need of Help

I recieved this email from a friend who is in Africa. If you can please help do so.

Dear Pastor Mike,

Greetings from Gabu, in Guinea Bissau in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’m sending this email to ask for your support in building a church in a Fulani village.
(Pastor Lusio with his pulpit under the trees) It begins with a young man who was our day guard on our base in 2007. Later he was interested of doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS). After his school he went back to his village and start sharing his faith with his family and other village members. Some of converts have been baptize, now he has started his small church under the cashew trees from five members and to 30 members. Rainy season is big challenge for this church under the trees.

The challenge I’m presenting to your mission board and the church members if you prayerfully consider supporting the building of this church. We already made 1,500 dubi blocks (cement mix with mud). The total cost to build this church from foundation, walls, cement flooring, beams, and roofing is $6,000

The church si currently meeting under trees.

I hope to hear from you in your consideration of blessings the Fulani and Balanta Village.

For the Cross,
Emosi Tatukivei
Guinea Bissau, West Africa

If you like to send any donation or take this project for your church, please send check to: Equip 21, P. O. Box 777, Ronan, MT 59864. Receipt for tax deductable will be send to you. Please write, Equip 21 on the check and attached a note to it for the church.

Equip 21 Phone: 406-676-8777 Montana, USA

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Happy Easter

I found these wonderful vidoes on Youtube and I hope that you enjoy the great price that Jesus the Christ paid for all of us.


Now make sure you Celebrate the Risen Lord!