Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Scott Biao is 45 and single

I like watching this show as it unfolds on VH1. Yes it is the same Scott Biao from Charles in Charge and Happy days.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now after a life of partying and sleeping with ever female he could, he is realizing that it is time to grow up. One of his friends is married, and another is engaged. His other close friend is called Johnny V. The dude is like 55 - 70 and is still chasing after young women. It is apparent to the audience that Johnny Vis just using Scott to help him commit adultery with who-ever the woman of the night is. Nice Life.

Scott is trying to change his life. He wants to understand why he is unmarried at the age of 45. So Scott hired a life coach. She has told him to go back and talk to his former gf's. He has cheated on all of them (except the one he is with now, who he canot see for 8 weeks). As Scott is realizing that He needs to change, Johnny V is trying to keep Scott in the partying ways. The Life Coach has told Scott he needs to stop seeing Johnny V. Why? Because he keeps pulling Scott back into an unhealthily lifestyle.

The church of Corinth is told that "Bad Company corrupts good morals".

I wonder if now that we are walking in Christ, who are the people that are like Johnny V, not accepting that we are trying to change our lives to look like Jesus, and instead trying to pull back into a lifestyle that we know is unhealthily. Do you have people like this in your life? What are you doing about them? Are they the inner Circle that is corrupting your walk with Christ? Do you have friends that support your walk with Christ? How do your friends affect your walk with Christ?

Those are important questions to ask ourselves. Is this a healthy relationship for me to be in? Does this relationship help or hinder my walk wtih Christ Jesus?

If it is not helping your walk, then what are you doing it about?

Scott Biao told Johnny V, that he needs a break. Johnny (like any of us would) was upset, and started attacking Scott, and the Life coach. Scott finally walked up to Johnny and said "Stop breaking my balls about this" kissed him on the cheek and walked away.

It is not easy to walk away from people who you have loved for a long time. But, if they are corrupting your good morals it might be necessary. We are told that Christ is now our Life. We need to remember that, we were bought for a price, the death of Christ on the cross, and the reward is that HE LIVES and is coming back someday for us!

Keep up the good fight,


G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Hahahaha! I am glad you found a way to work "Reality TV" into a good illustration. I'm going to post an article and use your post, so beware!
G. Brandon Hoyt

Seraphim said...

I see that you endorse the pristine faith restoration society. I'm troubled by this:

3. The Atonement of Jesus Christ - Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross for the sins of all people. But, atonement (substitutionary sacrifice) is applied to those who obey the Gospel. Those who reject the Gospel are cut off from the atonement and are "condemned already."

and it's all about the word 'obey'.
I thought it was about belief and trusting?

Imperfect Warrior said...

I am honored that you look at my blog. Are we not to obey Jesus Christ? 1 John 2:3&4 makes it pretty clear that if we love Jesus we obey his commands.

I like PFRS becasue they are inter-denominational. They have different view points, and study tosee what the bible has to say about things.


Imperfect Warrior said...

Thanks for the feedback, feel free to use "my" material, just please let them know where you go it from.


Seraphim said...

no worries. forgive me a sinner, but who are you from the Ooze? I thick as I am, cannot figure it out.

Are we to Obey Christ? Well yes. As Christians we should obey Christ. But PFRS seems to indicate that it is in obeying him that we Become Christians.

I may be shaving with Occam's Razor this morning. But I think it's an important distinction.



Fred said...

"But PFRS seems to indicate that it is in obeying him that we Become Christians."

No, it appears that they are saying that without CONTINUED obedience, the individual LOSES salvation. In other words, what starts through FAITH, is completed through WORKS.

Essentially, with that view, a person who commits sin of any type is in danger of losing their salvation. I don't see that in Scripture, but we all know the debate between "once saved/always saved" and working to maintain salvation has been around since the Church began.

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